It is a universal right to love, this right to love cannot be stopped in any country of the world including Israel, Therefore is imperative to know that one can acquire marriage or permanent Visa in Israel, because the law allows foreign spouse to live together. It is the duty of the Interior Ministry to grant Legal status in Israel to the spouse who are foreigners to Israel. It might not be an easy process though. It is easier when you are a Jews because Israeli laws states that every Jewish has the right to be repatriated to his/her place of origin, though it may not be a guaranteed sometimes. If you officially denounced judasim, thereby going to another religion, this may prevent you from the right to Aliyah. These generally affects all and sundry (spouse, widow, children and grand children) of Jews. If you were baptised as a minor, you have the right to refuse the baptism because it was against your wish. If you pose danger to the Jewish or against the Israeli citizens or the entire nation, it may affects you or cause problems to you. Having criminal records, though there are reservations in each case, if you officially or unmarried to an Israeli but not a Jewish by blood. You reserved the right to get Israeli citizenship, depending on the Israeli Civil marriage right. these affect both spouses in the Israeli Ministry of Internal Affairs. There are documents and evidences required for the confirmation and assuring the authentication of the marriage, these include photos, letters, lease agreements for housing, joint ventures, air tickets etc. These are to be made available in the Internal Affairs Department to prove the sincerity of the marriage. Checking your past records are mandatory, you have to be devoid of any criminal record, the interview with various tricky household will be conducted on you as well. Your lawyer will not be the one to answer your questions in the court of law. He/She has to prepare you for the interview, morally, legally, professionally or otherwise to avoid failing prey to the provocative questions of the officials. It is imperative to note, that if your answers go contrary to that of your spouse, it my affects the issuance of the citizenship because it would be recorded by the officials. The process takes up to 5 years for spouse who did formal marriage but up to 7 years for spouse who did not register their marriage. If in the cause of investigations and interview, the Ministry of Internal Affairs doubted the sincerity and authentication of your martial relationship, they may extend the process of obtaining the citizenship for the foreign spouse for sometime, it can also lead to the denial of the spouse citizenship application. As an invented spouse, a temporary visa for the purpose of subsequent consideration of the previous application demanding a bail from the applicant. To easy the process, a qualified and experience lawyer is needed, he/she has to guide you in order to avoid difficulties during the process. Legal support on immigration cases on family reunification process in the Ministry of Internal Affairs is recommended in order to assist in completing the necessary documents according to the requirement. It is very important for the provided documents to be checked by your lawyer before they are submitted to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, I mean the lawyer who will accompany your spouse to the state bodies. A suitable and experience lawyer will make the process easier than it is supposed to be. In any case, if the officials of the Ministry of Internal Affairs refuse you, that is not yet a sentence. The application can be defended by Israeli Supreme Court thereby calling state authorities to substantiate and motivate all their decisions in accordance with the general principle of administrative legislation in respecting Civil Right and Freedom of the applicant. 
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