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The law firm Efraim Tankhil is a member of the Israel Bar Association, a consultant to the Federation of Russian-speaking Israelis, and a member of the city election commission of Beer Sheva. Our office in Beer Sheva and Tel Aviv (Efraim Tankhil’s office) is one of the leading law firms in Israel. We provide services in various fields. Such as.

Immigration law: Apply for Israeli citizenship, permanent resident status, civil marriage and partnership, passports, refugee status, third and fourth generation grandchildren, denied entry to Israel, protection from deportation, the law of return and visas, work permits;

Labor law: (labor disputes, support, and representation in court);

Insurance law: (receiving pension deposits and compensations in insurance companies, contacting Insurance companies, Bituah Leumi for temporary and permanent disability, issues related to the institute of national insurance);

Administrative law: (representing a client in an administrative court, release from administrative arrest)

Ownership and real estate: (real estate purchase/sale contracts, wills, and inheritance rights)

Help in matters of

Medical malpractice: traffic accidents, and road accidents, etc.

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legal advice

Efraim Tankhil's law firm in Tel Aviv provides highly skilled legal advice and services in immigration, employment, and civil law in Israel. Read More

Labor law

Labor disputes are when a disagreement arises between two parties in an organization, usually the employer and the employee. Read More
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