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A Law Is Valuable, Not Because It Is A Law, But Because There Is Right In It.
Henry Ward Beecher

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The law firm Efraim Tankhil is a member of the Israel Bar Association, a consultant to the Federation of Russian-speaking Israelis, and a member of the city election commission in Beer Sheva.

Our office in Beer Sheva and Tel Aviv (Efraim Tankhil  office) is a leading law firm that provides professional services in immigration law, civil law, administrative law, real estate, and accident and work injuries. Through our help, you get a pension, compensation or insurance.

We also provide employment law services to represent labor disputes in court and other legal aid.

For companies and employers, employees, individuals, and families undergoing the Israeli immigration process, we provide the most appropriate immigration strategies and support.

And we also provide ongoing support to companies regarding Israeli immigration legislation.

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Our service areas

In our legal practice, we use a fresh approach to handle your case with an affordable and reliable amount. For legal services, we offer a unique approach to the legal field, such as Israeli citizenship and Israeli citizenship for third and fourth generation Jewish grandchildren, the law on return (repatriation), family reunifications, inheritance law, permanent residence, civil marriage, and partnerships, passports, refugee status, Pensions and benefits, insurance, civil law, administrative law, real estate, and Bituah Leumi issues related to the National Insurance Institute.