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Apply for refugee status in Israel

General information

A refugee who has been forced to flee his/her country because of persecution, who is at serious risk of harm, and who cannot get protection in their own country. These persons often seek refuge in Israel, for a refugee who just needs urgent help or wants to apply for refugee status In Israel.

The persons who in need of protection

If a person removed to their home country or country where they normally live, would be subjected to:

  • Race
  • Religion
  • Nationality
  • Political opinion or
  • Torture
  •  Risk to their life,
  • A risk of cruel and unusual treatment or punishment if:
  • They cannot get protection from their own government,
  • The person would face the risk in all parts of the country, even though the risk is not faced by others in or from that country.
  • The risk is not part of legal penalties (unless those penalties violate international standards), and inadequate health or medical care does not cause the risk.
  • Their membership in a particular social group (including groups that the person cannot change, such as gender, sexual orientation, past memberships, or groups they choose to join).

Any person who feels they are a person in need of protection or a convention refugee may make a claim for protection when they enter or once they are inside Israel. If the person is outside of Israel, they can make an application under the Convention refugee abroad class.

How to apply for refugee status:

  • The procedure for obtaining refugee status in Israel will require some proof of whether you are eligible for this status. And this right gives only proof that in your homeland there is a threat to your life or the life of your family members or encroachment on your freedom (Optional).
  • So, according to international conventions and Israeli laws, a person who fears persecution for political, religious, racial, ethnic, or civil reasons can apply for refugee status. And we appeal to the clients to provide all the documents related to threatening or persecution.
  • He/she can provide documents such as a passport or other documents (Optional) to members of the department who will study your documents for refugees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Israel.
  • Then you will be invited for an interview with an officer of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
  • People who are recognized as refugees may stay in Israel and may apply for permanent residence status, and eventually may apply to become Israeli citizens.

The procedure for submitting and considering an application for refugee status in Israel can take several years. All this time, the applicant may remain in Israel.

The law office of Efraim Tankhil has been working related to immigration, refugee status, and more other issues for several years. And over four hundred families, with our help, have successfully got their refugee status through us.

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