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civil marriage

Civil marriage in Israel

Civil marriage is a marriage performed, recorded, and recognized by a government official without a religious ceremony And that is a civil marriage. Today only religious marriage recognized in Israel. If a couple (Jews or non-Jews) wants to marry without religious ceremony. Israel does not recognize civil marriages, so couples must go abroad to get married and after they can apply for Israeli citizenship. They would have to go through different procedures and attend the court and Israeli Minister of internal affairs. Civil marriage one of the popular topics at the current time in Israel. Many couples want to do non-religious marriages today, even jews and foreign couples. To make that easy to understand, I would explain to you step-by-step procedures, documentations, and Israeli laws.


In 2010, Israel adopted a law “On Marital Union of Citizens without Confessions.”This Act applies only to two couples registered in the Ministry of Internal Affairs as “persons without religion” (“haar dat”). None of the newlyweds are Jewish, nor Muslim, nor Christian.

Spouses who decide to marry under this law must meet several conditions:

  • The two potential partners must be adults and express the desire to marry.
  • The couple should not have a religious affiliation, they should be “hasrei date” under the entry in the misrad-a-pnim. But to confirm the status of a “person without religion”, just one entry in the Ministry of Internal Affairs database is not enough. After receiving the application from the candidates for spouses, the registrar must publish it in the open press, as well as send application copies to religious authorities: Jews, Muslims, Christians courts
  • In addition, if a married couple has immigrated to Israel within the last five years, it should publish the message in the couple’s country language. All religious courts must inform the registrar that the newlyweds do not belong to their denomination within thirty days.