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Humanitarian visa for family reunification

If you are a foreign citizen and want to move to Israel, then in such cases the Ministry of Internal Affairs issued a special decree, within the framework of which it is possible to get a visa for humanitarian reasons.

Types of humanitarian visas:

  1. Humanitarian visa for senior parents of Israeli citizens- If an elderly and single parent of an Israeli citizen, a non-Jew, wishes to come to spend the rest of his days with his child. With an elderly parent’s request, there are minimum criteria that the applicant must comply with (age- for men – at least 65 years, for women – 62 years old, and the absence of other children outside Israel).
  2. Humanitarian Visa – Soldier’s Parents– For cases when a child serves in the army, and his non-Jewish parents live abroad, the State of Israel has approved procedures that allow them to live with their children in Israel and get the status of a temporary resident (visa A-5), and subsequently citizenship.
  3. Humanitarian visa – treatment in Israel– As you know, Israel has one of the best medicine in the world. A humanitarian visa can be issued both for obtaining preliminary planned medical care and for urgent surgical intervention, depending on the medical circumstances for the entire duration of the treatment.
  4. A humanitarian visa for a widowed or divorced foreign spouse of an Israeli- Cases of committing domestic violence by an Israeli against his foreign spouse. Where the step-by-step procedure (legalizing a foreign spouse based on cohabitation or marriage with an Israeli) has not yet been completed, and the Israeli spouse has died, broke off relations, or committed domestic violence against his significant other, the foreign spouse, under certain circumstances, will restore his status and get Israeli citizenship.
  5. A humanitarian visa for a foreign parent of a minor Israeli citizen- A foreign parent does not automatically receive Israeli citizenship or the right to status based on the Israeli citizenship of his child, whereas in the opposite case, a child born to an Israeli parent automatically becomes an Israeli citizen. Such situations often have an effective solution by contacting the humanitarian commission.


  • The applicant would need to provide all documents according to their visa type
  • The next steps are to appeal to the Court of Appeal in Jerusalem to issue, at least a temporary stay permit not to deport him/her from Israel.
  • The Jerusalem Court of Appeal will decide on additional consideration by the Interdepartmental Commission and, before sentencing, to issue a visa.
  • There will still be a final review by the Interdepartmental Commission to make a final decision.

The Order requires the applicant to submit a petition with all documents for consideration of the Interministerial Commission on Humanitarian Issues.

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