Asylum seekers-Refugees

Israel has signed and ratified the UN International Convention on Human Rights. Article 1 (A) (2) of the International Convention defines a “refugee” as someone who does not reside in his country. And he/she had to flee his/her own country due to persecution, war, or a serious risk of injury and not be able to get protection in his/her own country. 
If he/she wants emergency help or applies for refugee status In Israel, according to the UN Convention, they can seek protection or refugee status through the Immigration authority in Israel.  Whether they can seek protection and refugee status through a lawyer, once they are inside the Israel, can start procedures for refugee status in Israel.

Who can apply for asylum (Refugee) status

According to international conventions and Israeli laws, a person who fears persecution for political, religious, racial, ethnic, Nationality, torture, the risk to their life, a risk of cruel and unusual treatment or punishment (including the person cannot change, such as gender, or sexual orientation) in his/her country,  and if the person cannot get protection from their own government, He/she  can apply for refugee status. 

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How to apply for refugee status

The person must provide any documentation related to threats or persecution to the Department of Immigration. Also, the applicant can provide documents like a passport, ID card, or other documents to members of the Immigration department of Israel. After submitting the document, they will invite the person for an interview with an officer of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. If the person completes the interview successfully will get refugee status in Israel. The procedure for submitting and considering an application for refugee status in Israel can take several years. But during this period, the applicant may remain and work in Israel.