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Today, many Israeli citizens maintain relationships with foreign nationals. Living together or getting married is not easy at first glance, because being a foreign partner of an Israeli does not automatically give you status in Israel. If an Israeli citizen wants to invite his / her spouse to Israel, there are certain procedures that have to be followed in order to gain a foreign spouse’s status in Israel.

And also the Ministry of the Interior’s procedure for granting citizenship to foreign partners applies the same customary law to spouses (unmarried couples and homosexual couples) in almost the same way as it does to heterosexual married couples.

How to apply for foreign spouse status

The primary procedure for acquiring citizenship is collecting and submitting documents, in which many couples encounter difficulties, and they are stuck in procedures for a long period. 

The Israeli Ministry of the Interior has also set several preliminary conditions, and the couple must meet all the parameters.

  • They should not hide pertinent facts or provide false and unsatisfactory details to the Ministry of interior. 
  • They must also convince the Ministry of the Interior that the foreign spouse presents have no threats to Israeli citizens.
  • They must also prove that they have been living together for a long period, and this is not a fake marriage agreement to gain citizenship in Israel.
Foreign couple

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 When the couple wants to apply for foreign spouse status to gain Israeli citizenship, this procedure takes up to 5 years for a formally married spouse, but up to 7 years for a spouse who did not register their marriage. 

Meanwhile, the spouse can apply for a visitor visa, work permit, temporary residency, humanitarian visa, refugee status, and permanent residence status to stay in Israel.

Required documents:

  • Israeli spouse’s current id.
  • A photocopy of the foreign spouse’s passport must be valid for the next two years.
  • Three passport size photographs of each spouse.
  • Proofs of cohabitation such as photographs, holidays, life events, weddings, graduation, Christmas, birthdays.
  • Proof of correspondence such as a printout of phone calls, statements from family/friends, Travel itineraries/hotel bookings.
  • A letter from Israeli  citizen
  • Passport or Israeli national id copy of the person who wrote the letter of recommendation and explaining.
  • Police clearance certificate for the foreign spouse.
  • Marriage certificate.
  • Original birth certificate of the foreign spouse.
  • A letter from the workplace or employer and salary slip from the past 1 year.
  • Payment slips.
  • Foreign spouses submit all documents that must be translated into Hebrew and authenticated by a notary and affidavit.

Some document requirements are optional.