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Israeli citizenship for non-Jewish parents

Jews, their children, grandchildren, and family members, even those who are not Jewish, have a right to Israeli citizenship.

But what about the elderly relatives of such Israelis (non-Jews) who remained in the home countries?

  • If the parents are seriously ill or one of them has died, and the other needs constant help and support for their children and grandchildren.
  • Israel has a special rule on the granting of legal status to single elderly parents of Israeli citizens who are not Jews

Several factors need to be observed in order to get non-Jewish parent status, including:

  1. The parent should be single, the visiting parent should not be officially married and have other children living in the country’s home territory.
  2. The parent’s age must be: For women over 62 years old / men over 64 years old.
  3.  Israel should be the primary residence of Israeli children.,
  4. A parent applying for Israeli citizenship must not have a criminal record (for which a police certificate is required at the place of residence of the parent).
  5. The parent’s willingness to renounce the existing citizenship;  Absence of other children, except for a child with Israeli citizenship.

An application for granting the status of an elderly parent can be submitted in the place of residence to the Israeli consulate, in order to achieve a faster result submit the file immediately to the Israeli Ministry of Internal Affairs.

That procedure stated: