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Same-Sex marriage

Can same-sex marriages take place in Israel?

Same-sex marriage is not recognized in Israel. Marriage can only be concluded under Halakha (traditional Jewish law). Naturally, gay marriages do not comply with these laws, as well as many “forms” of heterosexual marriages (for example, Foreign spouse, non-religious marriage, and if one or both spouses are not Jews). But there are some other ways to get same-sex marriage and partnership status in Israel.


A same-sex couple can marry outside of Israel and then can come to Israel for   in Israel as like civil marriage or partnership status.

But If a same-sex couple married abroad, then the Ministry of Internal Affairs will not consider her/him as a married couple, but they will grant permission to live life together. The conclusion of marriage can only have the value of additional evidence confirming their life together. Therefore, couples also can get same-sex marriage status in Israel, but there is another provision to do that. Please contact an Immigration lawyer for more information about it

Can a same-sex spouse get a residence permit in Israel?

The Israeli Ministry of Internal Affairs recognizes the receipt of a residence permit for a same-sex spouse based on cohabitation with an Israeli citizen. There is a stepwise legalization procedure, which provides for issuing a work visa. After that, they will issue a temporary resident status for three years. Then couples can apply for permanent residence status. The Ministry of Internal Affairs requires some solid documents for same-sex couples such as. A marriage certificate, cohabitation, joint photographs, trips for a substantially longer period,

Is a gay family eligible for repatriation under the Return Act?

 The Law of Return gives every Jew and his family members (spouse, children, grandchildren, their spouses, widows/widowers) the right to apply for the status of a repatriate and an Israeli citizen.

But Israel does not recognize same-sex marriage, but there is an Israeli law, the couple can repatriate. Then he turns to the Ministry of Internal Affairs with a request to start a stepwise procedure for the legalization of the second spouse based on their joint residence in Israel.

Gay Rights in Israel

  1. The 1992 Equal Employment Opportunities Act prohibits discrimination in the workplace on grounds of sexual orientation.
  2. Same-sex couples have the same rights, privileges, and obligations as opposite-sex couples, from hospital visits to taxes and inheritance.
  3. Same-sex parents are acknowledged for who they are – parents – and by an accessible adoption process, are legally supported as a family with full parental rights. Lesbian couples receive the same fertility benefits as other gender couples.
  4. Right to adopt: Israeli family courts, fully recognize adoptions by same-sex couples.
  5. Recognition of marriage: In Israel’s absence of civil marriage, Israel’s Supreme Court recognizes same-sex marriages performed abroad.
  6. Social security: Israel legally equates same-sex couples with other-sex couples regarding retirement and widowhood pensions, medical services.
  7. Persecuted gays and lesbians across the Middle East frequently seek refuge in Israel.