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Deportation form Israeli border

Many already know that if a marriage between a foreign citizen and an Israeli citizen wants to apply for citizenship.

But everything is not as simple as it seems at first glance!

The stay of a foreign spouse in Israel depends on his relationship with his/her spouse.

If the Ministry of Internal Affairs has weighty arguments that the marriage looks like a fictitious one, then the foreigner could face a refusal to extend the visa and then deportation.

 For example, deportation could be described in two more cases if the Israeli spouse

  • Divorce or
  • Death of an Israeli spouse.


  1. The terms of this procedure for obtaining the status of a permanent resident of Israel in an official marriage will be for 5 years or more, in a civil marriage about 7 years.
  2. During this procedure, he/she would go through some procedures and interviews with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and provide some required documents (photos, shared bank accounts, joint vacation tickets, etc.)

There are the Israeli laws and individual rights that rescue him/her from deportation

The spouses, turning to a lawyer, petitioned the court about the illegality of the decision taken by the Ministry of Internal Affairs to deport foreign spouses.

Then the court would interfere with the decision of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to deport the spouse and the court will issue a temporary visa again.