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Jews repatriation to Israel

Urgent Repatriation to Israel due to the Conflict between Russia and Ukraine

The Russia-Ukraine conflict is an unfortunate and devastating event that pressures many families with no choice but to leave the country or stay back and deal with these war consequences.  Russian- Ukraine Jews are also affected by this tragic event and are also spurred to rethink repatriation to Israel. In simple words, you can say Aliyah (The Law of Return) or family reunification. Today I will clear out all the doubts that come to people’s minds for repatriation to Israel.

What is the Law of Return? Israel passed the “Law of Return” (Aliyah) in 1948 that grants every Jewish person the right to repatriation (family reunification) and to live in Israel. According to the law of return, the person needs to have a Jewish background to apply for Israeli citizenship. No matter where they were born, they are eligible to obtain citizenship through this law.  

 These are the following options: Israeli citizenship or Permanent Residency, 

Temporary Residence and get a Work Permit using the Law of Return.

Who is eligible for repatriation to Israel?

  • Halakhic Jews – people born to a Jewish mother,
  • Children of Jews (so-called “paternal Jews”), 
  • The grandchildren of Jews (third generation). 

The law also applies to all spouses – wives of Jews, husbands of Jews, children, and grandchildren of Jews. Even Jewish widows and widowers of Jewish women, children, and grandchildren of Jews are entitled to repatriation.

Required documents;

  1. Birth certificates.
  2. Documents confirming changes in personal data
  3. Certificate of marital status;
  4. Certificate of absence/presence of a criminal past.
  5. The passport must be valid for at least one year from the application.
  6. Adoption or death certificate.

Note – All documents should be notarized in the applicant’s country.

In the case where you cannot prove your Jewish background:

Suppose there are no direct formal documents by which one can prove your Jewish roots. You can use any indirect evidence as proof such as genetic analysis, house books, military records, letters and personal photos albums, photos of graves, etc.

How to enter Israel promptly?

Jewish people can come to Israel with no restrictions, no matter which country they live in. No visas and special permits are required.

Ukrainian citizens – Israel’s government has made a statement that Ukrainian citizens can go to the airport, clear their reasons to move to Israel, and submit the papers for a visa. But the Israeli government is changing its policy every day. Read the everyday updates from the news. If you have a family member, relative, or friend who is already in Israel, you can come to Israel easily. 

Russian citizens– It is suggested to Jewish Russian citizens not to wait to apply for visas in Russia. You may get your first appointment in December! It is worthless waiting there. If you want a faster procedure, you should come to Israel with a Tourist Visa and then apply for repatriation and Israeli citizenship.