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work injury

Work injuries – Bituach Leumi

Occupational diseases and injuries that a person receives in the workplace, according to Israeli law, any injuries and occupational diseases, deterioration in health because of working conditions give Israeli citizens and foreign workers the right to receive various cash payments: compensation, benefits. The victim is entitled to a pension and benefits from Bituach Leumi and the right to compensation from his employer or his insurance company. Under certain circumstances, the victim may receive subsidies and pensions from a retirement fund or personal insurance policies.

There is also a condition according to which it is necessary to prove that the disease or injury occurred in working conditions and that it is recognized by the National Insurance Institute (“Bituach Leumi“).

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What will count as a workplace accident?

A workplace accident is an occupational injury or an occupational disease. In what situations will an accident that happens to you also be related to work-related injuries?

The list of work injuries;

  • In an accident on the way from home to work or vice versa;
  • As part of continuing education courses, excursions from work, corporate events, as well as on the way back and forth;
  • During the exam, or on the way to the exam, or after it on the way home;
  • During breaks for meals and rest;
  • While trying to prevent material or bodily harm;
  • In the event of an attack during and in connection with work (including sexual harassment), subject to physical or mental harm;
  • In a place intended for eating, receiving wages, or on the way to it (for employees).

The list of work diseases;

  1. Hearing loss from industrial noise;
  2. Hoarseness is most often observed in teachers, educators, and lecturers;
  3. Joint problems because of micro-traumas received during daily monotonous work
  4. Eczema on the hands occurs in those who regularly (based on the specifics of their work) deal with lubricants
  5. The occurrence of cancer and skin diseases can be observed due to work in the open sun
  6. Lung disease (most commonly seen in those who work in flour mills or concrete factories) because of working in a dusty environment;
  7. Various diseases that arise when working in the chemical industry;
  8. Heart attacks and strokes due to stress caused by work;
  9. Infectious and viral diseases